Our Passion

We are called to partner with God
in creating Gospel Access
in the Deaf World.

God has a destiny for all peoples (meaning all people groups) that they should gain access to the gospel. The Bible has two bookends: God’s promise to bless all people in the world (Genesis 12:1-3); and God’s destiny of a multitude representing all nations, ethnicities, and languages gathered around the throne of Jesus, worshiping Him forever (Rev. 7:9-10). In between the Bible consistently tells the story of God’s heart to draw all people back to a right relationship with Himself – culminating in the person of Jesus Christ.

While there are still many unreached and unengaged people groups in the world, 98% of Deaf and Hard of Hearing people still don’t know about Jesus! Most of them also have hearing family members. Collectively, they are identified as “the Deaf World.”

The Great Commission compels us to go and make disciples in the Deaf World because God loves them. But how can we measure our progress toward completing the Great Commission? Because God promises to draw people from “every tribe and tongue” to worship Jesus, we must fulfill the Great Commission in the terms of progressively reaching every person in the Deaf World. There are three important priorities for us:

  1. The Deaf World need an expression of the gospel and of the Church that makes sense to them in their cultural context.

  2. Progress toward completing the Great Commission can be measured by “the outsiders” making followers of Jesus within each people group that lacks gospel access (“the insiders”).

  3. Many Deaf and Hard of Hearing people (“the insiders”) gather in networks of churches strong enough to sustain witness to their own people – and multiply it to still other people groups in the world.

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