Fall 2017 Worship Announcement

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Hello! My name is Bruce Persons. I am the lead pastor of The Table Church, an ASL community church in Frederick, MD. Thank you for watching this video today. Thank you for giving me few minutes of your time today so I can make an important announcement and offer a short explanation on why this change was made.
Since April 2017, The Table Church has met bi-monthly for worship services at Emmanuel Alliance Church in Frederick, MD. Beginning on September 10th, we will begin gathering for worship weekly from 4 to 5 pm!
Everything else is the same. Our services will still be done in ASL along with English voice interpretation so that the entire family can come together to celebrate our lives and worship God. We will meet at Emmanuel Alliance Church in Frederick, MD. Table K!dz, a church for all children 5th grade and below, will meet during sermon time. Our services will continue to be live-streamed online for everyone. Essentially, the only thing changing on September 10th is our worship service time.
Why are we doing this? This decision was made based on your input and on my conversations with various people over the past few weeks. Please allow me to explain now.
First, we want to be sensitive to the needs of our local community. We tend to be too busy and do not have much time for rest on Sundays. By worshiping from 4 to 5 pm, we hope we can encourage you to start your week well by resting and being with your family whenever possible – especially on Sundays.
The second reason is pretty simple. Our church family loves two things: 1) the option of having a worship service on Sunday afternoons, and 2) food. With an afternoon worship service schedule, we can get together either with our families or with the entire church family every once in a while for meals.
Finally, The Table Church is a new ASL community church in Frederick. I have been approached and personally asked several times if The Table Church was trying to compete with other Deaf churches or congregations in the area. The short answer is no. We know most local churches in Frederick meet on Sunday mornings, and we have not felt led by the Lord to start offering morning services. Why should we do the same thing if other churches are already doing a great job with this in our community?
This concludes our video announcement. Thank you again for your time, and I hope to see you this Sunday (September 10th) at 4 pm! Hope you will have a blessed week in the Lord!

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