2017 Fall Retreat

BCF students and Chaplain Bruce during the Olympics!

Bison Christian Fellowship (BCF), a campus ministry group at Gallaudet supported by The Table Church, attended 2017 Fall Retreat in Emmitsburg, MD hosted by MD Cru and DC Cru on October 6-8, 2017!

At the picturesque Summit Lake Camp, six students and Chaplain Bruce Persons joined about 240 Cru college students from MD, DC, and DE colleges and universities. They enjoyed games and fun, bonfire, s’mores, fall foliage, and even Cru’s version of Olympics! Gallaudet students were able to relax and encounter God in meaningful ways throughout the weekend. Everyone was completely off the grid since there was no cell phone service on the mountain!

The excitement our students had for this retreat was contagious! Danni, a graduate student and one of our co-leaders for BCF who was involved in Cru during undergraduate, encouraged other students to attend this retreat because she loved it and many came for the first time! “It was one of my best memories when I was an undergraduate and I wanted to go to it!”

Chaplain Bruce was blown away by this retreat and is grateful for opportunities to connect with BCF students on a deeper level. “I was honored to listen to some of our students’ stories and connect with them on a deeper level. Some of our students came to the retreat feeling somewhat distant from God and drained, but they ended up spiritually encouraged, refreshed, and energized.” He added later on, “I was really impressed with how easy it was to work with MD and DC Cru groups. The students were open to interacting with our Deaf students, and they even learned some dance moves from one of our own students!”

With special thanks to MD/DC Cru’s support, Fall Retreat was fully accessible to all of our Deaf students with four ASL interpreters on site. Since it was the first time interpreters have attended Fall Retreat, Andrew Powars, director of DC Cru, is grateful for how God worked things out with the interpreters.

BCF students are excited about next year’s Fall Retreat and plan to bring their friends along to experience God and escape Washington DC.

Bison Christian Fellowship (BCF) is a Christian & Missionary Alliance campus ministry group at Gallaudet University supported by the Christian & Missionary Alliance chaplaincy office. BCF is a Christian movement which seeks to know God and make Him known to all people at Gallaudet University. Your ongoing financial support and prayers are much appreciated! If God leads you to support this group, please click here to find out how to donate.

Here are some pictures and videos of Fall Retreat from last weekend!

Danni, Micayla, and Marlene posing on the first day of retreat!

Group picture (Danni, Micayla, Marlene, and Nicholaus) in front of Summit Lake Camp sign.

Group picture of BCF students and Chaplain Bruce.

A snapshot of early fall foliage taken by one of BCF students.

“Chloepatra” – one of BCF’s students posing as a model during the women group time on Saturday night.

It was a beautiful weekend during the Fall Retreat!

BCF students posing with an ASL interpreter during free time (the interpreter team absolutely rock!)

Nicholaus teaching DC Cru students how to do basic dance moves Friday night in preparation for the Olympics.

Here’s the fruit of their dance practice during the Olympics!

Worship sessions is always fun and energetic!


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