5 Spiritual Resolutions for 2018

New Year, Fresh Start!
Many of us have already made a resolution for various areas in our life such as exercising more, eating better, or even reading one book every week! While all of this is great for us, have you considered making a spiritual resolution to strengthen your relationship with Jesus in 2018?

There are many easy things you can do to start your year off right with Jesus. I wanted to suggest five different ways you could do this in 2018 and offer some resources you can use.

1. Add 5 More Minutes of Prayer Every Day

Prayer is the lifeblood of every Christian, and it is the best way we can have a thriving relationship with God. Things also do change when we pray regularly. If prayer is not a regular part of your daily routine, set up a time that works the best for you.

Don’t know how to pray? Here’s a few tips from Crossway…

What should I pray for? Here’s how to set up a personal prayer plan… also check out a sample weekly schedule from Focus On The Family!

2. Join or Start a Weekly Small Group

Small groups are the best way which we can grow closer to Jesus and encourage each other. The Table Church is BIG on small groups for this reason!

We are always looking to start new small groups in our communities. Small groups is a place where we can gather to worship Jesus, study the Bible, encourage each other in our journey, and intentionally reach our communities for Jesus. At The Table Church, we provide discussion questions for small groups following our current sermon series to make things easier for you to facilitate discussions.

Not part of a small group? Contact The Table Church today to join an existing group or start a new group in your community!

3. Read a Spiritual Book

I love to make New Year’s Resolutions but I often forget to include spiritual readings in them! Books are like close friends to me; it is hard for me to separate from the books I have read.

There are so many options which to choose from, including readings from Christian missionaries, autobiographies of great Christian men and women, and even theological books.

Here is a resource you could use to develop this reading plan: 2018 Christian Reading Challenge.

4. Add a Daily Devotion

We are always on the go, and we have a lot of resources available on our mobile phones. On our The Table Church App (available for download on Apple and Android phones and tablets), we plan to add Deaf-centric daily devotions so you can easily read it while on the go.

Also, consider downloading another app called YouVersion which gives you different plans and daily readings on various topics.

Or you could do a year-long Bible reading plan such as McCheyne’s Bible Reading Plan (this is what I use) or one of several possible Bible Reading Plans.

5. Add One More Spiritual Activity To Your Monthly Schedule

Bible reading and prayers is not the only way you can have a relationship with Jesus. There are various kinds of Biblical spiritual disciplines you can incorporate each month to deepen your walk with Jesus – take a look at the abbreviated list here.

You could also get your whole family involved in serving those in need in your local community or even go on a mission trip overseas!


Have you made a spiritual resolution this year? If so, please comment below!


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