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We believe it is important to come alongside every person to support and encourage them in their ongoing walk with Jesus. One of ways we do this is by providing spiritual discipline resources for your personal and spiritual growth, such as Bible Reading plans.

We have one for our families! We all want kids to develop a lifelong love for reading the Bible—and what better way than to make it a wonderful opportunity for your families to spend time reading, talking, and bonding?

Here’s how it works.

  1. Post this reading plan somewhere the entire family will see it, like on your refrigerator.
  2. Find the week’s passage in the Bible. Read it together or on your own. (We suggest reading longer passages together over a few days.)
  3. Once each family member has read the passage, discuss the following questions.
    • What surprised you about this passage?
    • What do you think this passage shows us about God?
    • How do you think this passage relates to your life today?
    • What did you learn about the people in this passage?
  4. Pray together, asking God to strengthen your understanding of his Word. Then check off the week’s reading.

It’s as easy as that! Happy reading—our prayer is that you and your family grow closer to each other and to God as you embark on your journey through the Bible.