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Alliance Leaders

After Simpson’s passing, Dr. Paul Rader, a dynamic evangelist and pastor, was chosen to lead the burgeoningmissions society now known as The Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) or The Alliance. During this era, the “tabernacle strategy” was popular. C&MA tabernacles sprung up in many U.S. cities and across Canada.

And while the Great Depression and World War II impacted The Alliance, expansion into new overseas mission fields continued. Great risks and sacrifices within the movement during this period were embodied in the life of pioneer Alliance missionary to Asia, Robert A. Jaffray.

When the Great Depression threatened to halt Alliance overseas work, Jaffray declared:

“Do you ask, ‘In view of the terrible economic depression of today, dare we go forward in these new fields and commence new work?’ Yea, rather may we ask this: ‘Dare we, in the face of the command of the Lord Jesus and in the face of the encouraging miracles He is working in our behalf, hesitate for one moment?’”

Jaffray would later die in a Japanese prison camp just weeks before the end of World War ll.

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