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Brothers and Sisters of Table Church family:

We are now entering the fifth week of our 40 Days of Prayer initiative. I trust that you are experiencing a renewed sense of Christ's presence and power in your life. As we continue to seek Christ in all we do, our focus falls this week on His Mission.

Reading the end of each of the Gospels and the beginning of Acts, it is clear that every Christ-follower has been sent on mission. What Christ came to start, He’s commissioned us to finish. That mission centers around the proclamation of the gospel—telling people about Jesus and the salvation that He alone provides.

For some of us, pursuing our part in His mission may take us around the world to some faraway place where other languages are spoken. For others of us, His mission will take us across the street to a neighbor who still needs to know Him. In 2022, that neighbor may speak another language as well. As you pray this week, listen for Christ’s voice—His prompting and His call will define your part in His mission.

Praying with you,

Pastor Bruce Persons